What is the importance of your post-op?

Dr. Luis Carlos Posada

Just as with the preoperative phase, patients must prepare themselves for the postoperative phase with even greater rigor, as the success or failure of a surgical procedure depends on it.

Before any surgical intervention, patients must undergo certain tests, go through preparation, and attend the surgeon's office a couple of times to be ready for the day of their intervention. The same goes for after the surgery has been performed, which is what we call the postoperative phase.

The postoperative phase will help patients return to their routine more quickly, recover successfully, and obtain the desired results without complications. The success of the postoperative phase also depends on the professional who performed the procedure. It is important that they have clarity on what the contraindications may be and are capable of resolving them if the patient presents them.

A successful postoperative phase is achieved when the patient responsibly and judiciously completes each of the therapies, attends their check-ups, and takes the necessary rest. The surgeon must guide the patient, monitor their recovery, be attentive to the changes that the patient may be experiencing, and prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

If, in any case, the postoperative phase is not carried out according to the recommendations and supervision of a professional, it is very likely that complications may arise.

Dr. Luis Carlos Posada