Foods that accelerate aging

Dr. Luis Carlos Posada

Over time, wrinkles, expression lines, age spots, and other signs of aging begin to appear. Often people can appear older than they are, while others may even appear much younger than their actual age. But what is their secret?

Good eating habits, exercise, and daily water consumption can make a difference in skin care. There are some foods that can accelerate the signs of aging, making the skin look older and with more expression lines. Additionally, a poor diet can bring health problems during adulthood. For this reason, it is important to know the foods that can accelerate aging:


High sugar consumption can be harmful to health, as it not only affects the appearance of the skin, but can also cause more serious diseases such as diabetes or kidney problems. Sugar produces a process called Glycation. Here, glycosylated proteins over time bind to cells and destroy the skin's support cushion, which is made up of collagen and elastin. This will accelerate the aging process as the skin will lose elasticity and firmness. Soft drinks, sweets, chocolates, bakery products with high sugar content, among others, are the main triggers for advancing the skin aging process.


Excessive coffee consumption can cause lack of sleep, and few hours of sleep mean fewer cells that regenerate. Rest and getting enough sleep is very important for this regeneration process to be completed. In addition to this, excessive caffeine consumption causes the skin to dehydrate and lose luminosity.


Excess sodium increases blood pressure, which reduces collagen production and makes the skin look less firm. Additionally, it causes fluid retention and favors cellulite as sodium is associated with cell aging.


Red meat contains amino acids such as carnitine, which hardens the capillaries. Consumption of red and processed meats without being balanced in a diet that also includes vegetables and fruits causes inflammation and swelling of the skin.


Although it would be ideal not to consume it, reducing its consumption can favorably help the skin. Alcoholic beverages contain many processed ingredients that gradually destroy cell walls and enhance tissue inflammation. The damage it does to the liver is also directly linked to the skin, as this important organ is responsible for eliminating toxins and when they are not eliminated, acne appears as well as spots and wrinkles.

These and many other foods do not contribute to maintaining healthy and luminous skin, nor to leading a healthy lifestyle. It is important to review the pantry and start replacing ingredients to initiate healthier habits that provide the body with the good nutrients it needs. Thanks to technological advances, aesthetic surgery offers many options to maintain skin with a firm and healthy appearance, and there are procedures to look younger. If you want to undergo any surgical or non-surgical procedure, schedule your appointment with Dr. Luis Carlos Posada in Bogotá and Medellín, plastic surgeon affiliated with the Colombian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Luis Carlos Posada