Breast implant removal: what you should know

Dr. Luis Carlos Posada

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for women worldwide, with amazing results. However, there is a surgery that aims for the opposite effect - removing implants. Breast implant removal is not a trend, it's a surgical procedure to remove breast implants, whether due to dissatisfaction with the aesthetic results, personal decision, medical conditions, or the amount of time the implants have been in place. Many women have decided to permanently remove their implants and opt for professionals who can aesthetically reconstruct the breast for different reasons.

During the explantation surgery, an incision is made to remove the implant within its surrounding capsule, along with any associated tissue. The breast is then reconstructed.

The most common reasons for explantation or implant removal include aesthetic perception, deciding not to undergo routine surgeries to change implants, medical conditions associated with implants, and post-operative concerns. Women may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts with implants, and in some cases, the results may not meet their expectations. It is essential to understand that implants are medical devices that will accompany patients throughout their lives, and decisions to have them should not be based on trends or other reasons.

As women age, they may decide not to undergo routine surgeries to change their implants, opting for the definitive decision to remove them. In some cases, women who had breast augmentation surgery a long time ago may have aged implants, leading to sagging breasts. In these cases, the explantation or implant removal can be complemented with a mastopexy to reconstruct the breast.

Autoimmune diseases or medical complications associated with implants may lead to immediate implant removal, which should be performed by a qualified professional.

The recovery after the implant removal procedure is relatively quick and painless. Within four weeks or a little more time, patients can resume physical activity without the risk of pain or complications. Following the plastic surgeon's recommendations precisely will ensure successful results and a pleasant post-operative period.

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Dr. Luis Carlos Posada